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The young adult market can be tricky. Just as adolescents walk a tightrope between childhood and adulthood, so must the writing. The opportunity to write for this market came several years ago through a chance meeting with the editor-in-chief of Chelsea House Publishers.

She offered me a juicy project: Ghengis Khan! I've since written eight books for Chelsea, which have given me the chance to combine my love of history with writing for inquisitive young people.

Books Collage

Young Adult Books


Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna Cover

Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
August 2010

Stock Market Crash Cover

The Stock Market Crash of 1929:
The End of Prosperity

Spring 2007

Caricom Cover

The Caribbean Community
July 2009

Muammar Qaddafi Cover

Muammar Qaddafi:
President of Libya

March 2005

Nefertiti Cover

October 2008

Edward L. Stratemeyer Cover

Edward L. Stratemeyer
January 2004

Triangle Shirtwaist Cover

The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
April 2008

Genghis Khan Cover

Genghis Khan
March 2003




Saudi Royal Family Cover

The Saudi Royal Family
January 2007

Vladimir Putin Cover

Vladimir Putin
January 2007


Book Editing

From the Jaws of the Dragon Cover

From the Jaws of the Dragon
Sales Satirist - by Richard Plinke

More Droppings From the Dragon Cover

More Droppings From the Dragon
Sales Satirist - by Richard Plinke

Clarity Wisdom Harmony Cover

Clarity Wisdom Harmony
by Cheyenne
December 2011

Best Investment Cover

The Best Investment
by Andrea Goodman Weiner
June 2008


Other Books

Running Around the World Cover

Running Around the World: An MDRT Member’s Journey To Balance
August 2008


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