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I specialize in profiles and narrative nonfiction and in going to (almost) any length to create enjoyable articles...I've learned how to fly fish; gone soaring in a glider; hobnobbed with accomplished painters and photographers; learned all about organic gardening and midwifery (not for the same piece!); donned a hard hat and muddied my shoes on construction sites; and teared up over difficult lives made whole again.

Editor, Chestnut Hill College Magazine

Editor, Moravian College Magazine

Editor in Chief, Suburban Life Publishing Group

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Magazine Articles

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Chestut Hill College Magazine

Spring 2017


Fall 2015


Fall 2016


Spring 2015


Spring 2016


Moravian College Magazine

Fall 2012: Moravian Education


Summer 2012: Sports at Moravian


Fall 2011: Finding Purpose in Giving Back


Spring 2012: Passion for the Arts


Summer 2011: Where Traditions Matter




Home Gallery Magazine
Real Estate of Bucks County & Eastern Montgomery County

Brownsburg Manor

Lurgan Manor

Circa 1841

Tarp Farm



Speeding on the Road to an MBA

Welcome, Judith Schwank


Bucks Living Magazine

Camp Curiosity Grows Happy Campers

Leader of the Pack

Comprehensive Learning Center

No more pencils, no more books…

Eat Smart

Print Goes Electronic!

Flying, Two-Point-Oh

Singing for the Children

Glenn Harren’s World

Something for Everyone

The Golden Rule at Devon Hill BMW

Stage Struck


Bucks & Montgomery Living

Aldie Mansion

Giving (Back) at the Holidays

Care Simplified at St. Luke's

Gorgeous Granite by Let's Get Stone'd

Cunningham Piano

Happy Trails

Doylestown's County Theater

Keith Baker and his Multi-Layered Career

Freight House Turns Seven in Style

Making a Difference in South Dakota


Temple Review

Caren Cross filming the crossroads

Jeffrey Lau

Dyana Williams


Gallery, Publishers Choice

The National Gaucher Foundation
Horizons, Newsletter for the Gaucher Community

What was hiding in my genes
Woman's Day

The Power of Community
Reclaiming Children and Youth

Philadelphia Outward Bound
Liberty Sports Magazine

Luscious Luxuries
Speciality Coffee Retailer

Soaring Over Bucks
Bucks County Town & Country Living

The Ultimate Backyard
Bucks County Woman

Destination Doylestown
Bucks Art Culture Style Magazine

Chester County Orchards
Chester County Town & Country Living

Radnor Hunt Concours d’Elegance
Chester County Town & Country Living

The Migrating Monarch
Burpee Home Gardener

Sweet Sensations
Tobacco Retailer

Linda Kenyon as Eleanor Roosevelt
Bucks County Woman


Full Circle
The Bucks County Writer

Morning-after-the-wedding Brunch
Modern Bride

Rehearsal Dinners
Modern Bride

Hand-painted furniture

Post People
Bucks County T& C Living

William Wright
The Bucks County Writer


Newspaper Articles

Bucks County Herald (includes photos by Brenda Lange)

On the Spiritual Side

Thousands flood expo to learn about going green

Making things better, one person at a time

Zoo opens for business with Jack Hanna

Annual BluBall promotes fun, raises money

A chance to work with exotic creatures

All in a holiday's work - baking cookies



Intelligencer/Bucks County Courier

From the seeds of intention


Doylestown Observer (includes photos by Brenda Lange)

Community Conservatory Mardi Gras


Philadelphia Inquirer

Circumnavigating St. John


Personal Journey


Hard Hat News (All Hard Hat News articles include photos by Brenda Lange)

Bridge Project Overcomes Challenges

Rippers and Hydro-Hammers make light

Lantern Hill Development

Stone Handlers Can Carry the Job

New Holland Loaders Make Sense

Texas to New York Pipeline

PennDOT’s Route 202 Reconstruction


World Trade Center Area: Mid-September 2001

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