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Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
From Series: The Great Hispanic Heritage Set

Antonio de Padua Maria Severino Lopez de Santa Anna was a man of many titles—general in the Mexican army, president, dictator, landowner and administrator, husband, and father. Santa Anna is well known for his part in the infamous Battle of the Alamo during the U.S.-Mexican War and is considered by many to be a bloodthirsty tyrant. However, there were many sides to this icon of Mexican history. During his long life, Santa Anna rose to the pinnacle of power, yet he died nearly penniless and forgotten. This new biography traces his path from middle-class beginnings to the halls of the capital in Mexico City to exile in Cuba to his final days.

About the Series: This series takes a historical look at the ancient world's leading figures, who led armies to victory and ruled over vast domains in a time when the world was still young. As one empire fell, another would rise, led by charismatic and powerful commanders who could unite many people and were touched by greatness. Also, contains an introduction by Pulitzer Prize winning historian and biographer Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.

Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna

Product Details:
ISBN: 1604137347
Format: Hardcover, 104pp
Pub. Date: August 2010
Publisher: Chelsea House Publishers
Age Range: Young Adult

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