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Edward L. Stratemeyer
From Series: Who Wrote That?

A biography of the founder of the Stratemeyer Literary Syndicate, a publishing empire that produced, in the early decades of the twentieth century, over 1400 adventure serial novels, including the popular Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and Tom Swift series.

About the Series: You know the stories, you love the characters, but do you know "who wrote that?" Find out about the people behind your favorite tales and why they felt compelled to write for children. This series offers great insights with "Did You Know?" boxes that highlight interesting facts about the authors. In addition, the "Most Popular Books" and "Best Known Characters" sections allow students to discover new works by their favorite authors.

Edward L. Stratemeyer

Product Details:
ISBN: 0791076210
Format: Library Binding, 112pp
Pub. Date: January 2004
Publisher: Chelsea House Publishers
Edition Description: Library Edition
Age Range: Young Adult

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