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Vladimir Putin
From Series: Modern World Leaders

The Russian democratic experiment continues under its third president, Vladimir Putin. Now in his second term, Putin was an unknown when he was handpicked by Boris Yeltsin to succeed him. The reserved Putin seemed the exact opposite of the loud, large, and unpredictable Yeltsin, but the former KGB spy also held strong convictions of how the country should be managed and where he wanted to stand on the world stage. Vladimir Putin traces the life of the Russian statesman, from his boyhood in the slums of Leningrad, to his service in the Soviet secret police, to his rise to the presidency. Crisp, full-color photographs and useful study features add to the scope of this new biography.

About the Series: Modern World Leaders offers brand-new biographies as well as complete revisions of key titles from the acclaimed Major World Leaders set, focusing on the leaders making headlines today. Distilling personal background, personality, and historical perspective, this series provides excellent platforms for discussion about contemporary events. Each volume includes full-color photographs, a chronology, a bibliography, suggestions for further reading, and an index.

Vladimir Putin

Product Details:
ISBN: 0791092151
Format: Hardcover, 120pp
Pub. Date: January 2007
Publisher: Chelsea House Publishers
Age Range: Young Adult

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